Update: 7/25/11

4 - 5- 11







I was a tad hasty when I said I'd update on Thursday from now on. I tweet from Trunks reminded me that the whole reason I chose Tuesday was because it was (and still is) a relatively dead day for news posts on the front page. So I'll stick to the update schedule I've been using for months after all. If I can't get over my tendency to be lazy on the weekends, I'll try to work around it.



3 - 31 - 11



Screw it! I'm going to post my updates on Thursday from now on. I'm not sure why, but I can't seem to get any work done of any kind on the weekend. It's like I've subconsciously scheduled Saturday and Sunday to be the two days of the week where I do absolutely nothing and enjoy it. Maybe I just need to better manage my time.



2 - 16 - 11



I put so much work into this and it gets posted a day late.

The old layout was starting to look somewhat lazy to me. I can't say this new design is perfect. There are a few details I plan to add later. Hopefully I'll get around to them before I get sick of how the page looks now and completely revamp it again.






That is a lot less blank space then it was yesterday.